The WooGlaSte® brand

WooGlaSte is a French brand specialized in the world of kitchen utensils and accessories.

The origin of its name comes from the three main manufacturing materials used, which have proven their efficiency and have travelled through time, which are: wood (Wood), glass (Glass) and steel (Steel).

It is these 3 materials that gave birth to WooGlaSte Time Travel Kitchen.

Our goal

The primary objective of our brand is to offer premium quality and durable products, with manufacturing mainly in WooGlaSte.

It also aims to be environmentally friendly by offering packaging without frills, without the use of PVC, plastic film, poly-bag or polystyrene, but made of recycled cardboard, paper, tape and reusable natural material bags.

Our Commitment

WooGlaSte’s commitment is not to be an anti-plastic or anti-petroleum brand. Rather, it is to be responsible in their use by proposing a limited and controlled production of them, through alternative products for a more reasonable consumption and a more ecological environment.

Becoming an accomplice 😉 with WooGlaSte is to be a responsible citizen for the planet.