Double-sided dish sponge

Essential accessories in your kitchen, WooGlaSte sponges allow you to clean all your dishes thanks to this duo made of natural and efficient cellulose and sisal.

INNOVATIVE AND ASTUCIOUS DESIGN – Opt for this set of durable and resistant dish sponges. The sponge part is made of 100% cellulose from wood pulp, it is very airy which allows it to have a high water absorption capacity. The recurring part is made of 60% sisal and 40% recycled polyester, which gives it good scratch resistance without scratching. The WooGlaSte sponge is a very good compromise compared to classic synthetic sponges.

EASY TO USE AND EFFECTIVE – Wash and degrease your dishes with care without scratching them. Use the cellulose side to gently and delicately wash your fragile crockery, hob, worktop or the sisal side to scour the most stubborn dishes and pots and pans. Can be used for cleaning the bathroom and the whole house.

EASY CARE AND HYGIENIC – WooGlaSte sponges are washable up to 60°C (140°F). Wring out the sponge after each use and store on a rack or basket in the open air. WooGlaSte advises you to disinfect your sponge periodically with white vinegar diluted in water for a few hours.

ECOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – It is the brand’s commitment to offer you sustainable products while thinking about their end of life. This is why we work essentially with noble, natural, recycled and easily recyclable materials. WooGlaSte is also committed to recycled and no-frills packaging.

100% SATISFIED OR REIMBURSED – You have a doubt about the quality of our product? Don’t hesitate, try it for 30 days and judge for yourself. If you are not satisfied, you can return it at any time and we will refund you immediately.

Details of the dishwashing sponge:

  • dimensions in cm/inch: L 11/4.33 x W 7/2.76 x H 2/0.79
  • weight in gr: 15
  • materials: cellulose, sisal, recycled polyester


  • 10 dish sponges
  • 1 recycled packaging

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