Ecological Bamboo wood dish rack.

Large capacity – 1 upper level.  Plus 2 side levels for plates cups glasses – Foldable – 1 cutlery basket.

✅ INNOVATIVE AND TIPPEDICAL DESIGN – Thanks to its top level and 2 side levels, you will be able to optimize the storage and organization of your dishes. Dimensions designed to suit all types of sinks. With its folding function you will be able to store it in your drawers or kitchen cabinets if you wish. This eco-friendly bamboo bos drainer has a small footprint, once folded, it will also be suitable for camping enthusiasts.

✅ EASY TO USE AND EFFECTIVE – Place your wet dishes between the grooves on the upper level for a maximum of 17 plates, glasses, cups and bowls can dry on the 2 folding compartments on each side, then place the cutlery in the hanging basket or place it next to the dish dryer on your sink as you prefer.

✅ ECOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – It is the brand’s commitment to offer you sustainable products, so we think about their end of life and that’s why we work mainly with noble and easily recyclable materials such as wood, glass and steel. Wooglaste is also committed to no-frills packaging, 100% recycled and therefore recyclable.

✅ EASY TO MAINTAIN AND HYGIENIC – Bamboo is resistant to moisture, a varnish has been applied to the wood for better durability and hygiene. Clean it with soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge, then rinse with clear water and dry with a dry cloth before storing.

✅ 100% SATISFIED OR REFUNDED – Have any doubt about the quality of our ecological bamboo wood drip tray ? Don’t hesitate, try it for 30 days and judge for yourself. If you are not satisfied, you can return it at any time and we will refund you immediately.

Dish drainer details :

  • dimensions in cm : L 41.5 x W 38 x H 24.5
  • dimensions folded in cm : L 41.5 x W 5 x H 34
  • weight in kg : 1.06
  • material : varnished natural bamboo wood

Details of the cutlery basket :

  • dimensions in cm : L 18 x W 6.5 x H 13
  • weight in kg : 0.223
  • material: varnished natural bamboo wood 2 hooks installed

Delivery :

  • 1 dish drainer assembled and folded
  • 1 cutlery basket
  • 1 100% recycled packaging
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