Set of dish brushes made of ecological beech wood.

Indispensable accessories in any kitchen, the Wooglaste brushes allow you to clean all the dishes thanks to this natural and efficient duo.

✅ CLEVER AND DURABLE DESIGN – Opt for these durable and resistant dishwashing brushes, one made of 100% biodegradable Coconut fiber and one made of Sisal fiber from the Agave plant with a compostable interchangeable head. To replace the worn sisal brush head, move the ring on the handle to the wooden handle. Take out the used brush and replace it with a new one by placing the two claws of the handle in the groove of the replacement head.

✅ EASY AND EFFECTIVE USE – Wash and degrease your dishes carefully without scratching them. The Sisal fiber brush will be ideal for cleaning large dishes, pots and pans. The Coconut fibre brush is perfect for washing glasses, cups and cutlery. It can also be used to clean certain fruits and vegetables or to dust your shoes.

✅ ECOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Wooglaste advises you to maintain and nourish the wood of the handle twice a year with linseed oil to protect it from water, then (optional) to reinforce the protection apply beeswax as a finishing touch. To dry the brushes well, use the small hook or hole at the end of the stick to hang them out in the open. Avoid drying in the sun.

✅ EASY MAINTENANCE AND HYGIENE – This is the brand’s commitment to offer you sustainable products but we also think about their end of life and that’s why we work mainly with noble and easily recyclable materials such as wood, glass and steel. Wooglaste is also committed to no-frills packaging, 100% recycled, recyclable or reusable.

✅ 100% SATISFIED OR REFUNDED – Do you have any doubts about the quality of our product? Don’t hesitate, try it for 30 days and judge for yourself. If you are not satisfied, you can return it at any time and we will refund you immediately.

Details of the Sisal fiber dish brush :

  • dimensions en cm/inch : L 23.5/9.5
  • dimensions head diameter in cm/inch : 6/2.36
  • weight in grams : 54
  • materials: beech wood and sisal fiber

Details of the Coconut fiber dish brush :

  • dimensions en cm/inch : L 23/9.05
  • dimensions tête en cm/inch : L 6.5/2.56 x w 3/1.18
  • weight in grams : 54
  • materials: beech wood and coconut fiber

Details of the reusable natural bag :

  • dimensions en cm/inch : H 24/9.45 x L 19/7.48
  • material: linen

Delivery :

  • 1 Sisal fiber dish brush
  • 1 spare head made of Sisal fibre
  • 1 Coconut fiber washing-up brush
  • 1 reusable natural bag
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